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Real authentic Saltillo tiles are hand crafted in Saltillo and Coahuila, Mexico. Their unique clay doesn't exist anywhere else in the world. Our handcrafted regular Saltillo tiles are known for their rich color and natural composition. These Mexican works of art, add a spicy south of the border flair to any remolding project needing to be spruced up. There is little doubt why Saltillo tiles are one of the most sought after materials on the market today. The demand and quality for our Saltillo tiles make these hand molded beauties a great investment for any home owner or contractor.

Hand molded by Mexican artisans, steep in tradition, these Saltillo tiles are baked in the sun, to perfection, as they have been doing for thousands of years and are individually inspected for quality to insure these tiles are ready for installation. Beautifully crafted and durable, they're a great tile to walk on barefoot. Once sealed, Saltillo tiles are very low maintenance and naturally conceal dirt well, because of their earthy colors. When they get really dirty, Saltillo tiles are safe to mop with a mild soap and can also be cleaned by normal vacuuming or sweeping. We recommend that you seal regular Saltillo tiles immediately after installation, especially if the tiles are going to be installed in a high traffic area. Sealing not only protects the tiles, but it also gives them a nice shine that will last about 6 month to a year depending on the level of traffic in that area.

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Our Tiles are good For Deck, Balcony, Kitchen, Living Room, Patio, Bathroom, and gardens.

We sell online Saltillo Tile, Talavera Tile Flooring. We have all the sizes colors and brands and fast delivery. Home improvement, remodeling and patio (Gardens).

Buy premium quality Saltillo tile, Mexican tile, terracotta tile and talavera tile for floors, kitchens, patios and more at distributors prices from SaltilloTileFlooring.

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